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About arccus Inc.

Businesses, We are performance driven

Arccus Inc. is a digital solution provider helping organizations address the evolving business needs and challenges in highly competitive industry through digital transformations and services using information technologies tailored to your business requirements.

Perfect mash-up of advanced technology & team of 100+ work-focused employees

In a very short span of 7 years fueled the ideas of over 80+ Clients & 400 +Projects completed

Comprehensive service provider in the areas web engineering, enterprise mobility, UI & UX Development

Industry leading team that help us retain 78% of our clients, and perform break-through



Arccus Inc. perceives & performs ahead of its time. With the innovative use of technology, it aims to provide competitive benefits to the clients so that they achieve long-term success

  • Grow & develop consistently as global IT leader
  • Perform professional, flexible & together as a whole
  • Platform & Technology customized solutions for business
  • Follow business ethics & highest quality standards
  • Strong and actively articulated workplace cultural



Our sole objective is to provide unmatched and excellent quality of deliverables, customer support & service, and total client satisfaction.

  • Quality centric solutions for SMBs & brands
  • Delivering the right business solutions
  • Be at the forefront of technology & innovation
  • Build & value integrity in all that we do
  • Enhancing quality by brainstorming innovative ideas



LEAN before Act

We arrange several problem-solving sessions with the client to "LEAN - Listen Engage Address Next" the requirements before we act. Anyone can get you your web project done, but the experience of working with the company that embraces the changing technology trends is essential. We ensure that LEAN is just not initial part but a continuous phase of entire project development so that the end product surpasses the client expectations while meeting the overall competence.

Quality Commitment

Extensive technology expertise, great experience, and innovative vision are among the chief attributes of an unmatched and worthy IT service provider. We, at Arccus Inc. ensure that the deliverables are of utmost quality and supported by cutting-edge technology to ensure that our clients get an edge over their competitors. Our established quality assurance and management system address the quality management needs during the entire project development journey, right from requirements gathering to post-production maintenance.

Security - We Got Your Back!

At Arccus Inc. we follow and implement best security practices for all our clients, as well as internally. Security is like the proverbial chain - only as strong as its weakest link. We just not aware our team and customers on cyber security but also implement critical network safety standards. We understand every aspect of security and maintain your data safe, secure, intact and unthreatened.

We Help You Solve Business Problems.

We serve on the same side of the table; to provide business solutions to your business problems. We don't prefer to serve anything irrelevant to your industry domain, rather we listen & understand your business demands. We won't prefer you to get a mobile app developed just because it's what every business has today, rather give you optimal consulting and research first to know if your business lacks anything without it.

Easy approachability & Actively Responsive

For us every issue that you face is critical - even if not that bad for you. We respond you that quick, so you know when your issue will get resolved. And, this is the trait that makes us loved by our client. We realize the importance of working closely in alliance with our customers, and thus, our team of developers is always easily and actively approachable through a myriad of channels.



We’re committed to master the obstacles and achieve great results. Our clients love what we do, the brilliance and passion are what that keep us excellently leading in the industry domain. We are diligent about our work and want our clients to deserve the best. We recognize the dynamic industry nature and set our own new records by embracing every single technological trend with excellence.

Innovation leads the way to future & hence, is the key to our organization's sustainable growth. It constitutes a decisive factor for our products and services, for the way we accomplish your requirements, & for how we perceive things. Our professional experts at Arccus. Inc work with different clients in synergy.

Arccus Inc. has been around for over three years, and we have a successful account for an exceptional client service. For us delivering what we promise and provide assistance stands first. You can rely on us for all digital business requirements, and be assured, we always on our words!

We completely focus on client's requirements to offer them the most appropriate product & as sought digital service. Our business with our customers, stakeholders and everyone associated is performed with utmost transparency. We honestly accept our mistakes and without being defensive, correct them promptly.

Great teams compose people who are acceptable to learn, grow & achieve towards excellence. We at Arccus Inc. support each other, collaborate for perfection, acknowledge our flaws & celebrate our victories – we are passionate about our work! We treat each other with dignity & appreciate each other's unique abilities and contributions for the company.

working together

our associates

We share a relation with our associates, where we focus on shared opportunities, same vision, collaborative growth and contribute to each other's domain expertise. We follow more conversational & flexible approach and brainstorm sessions on the trending IT digital technologies.



Kaprat is a group of enthusiastic people with diverse capabilities and substantial experience in outsourcing Information Technology business model. We believe in embracing the proven and established processes of the industry and continue them with our own philosophy of participation over direction for achieving complete customer satisfaction.

We have a team of highly experienced and qualified individuals who are ready to serve with their almost dedication. We believe in our client’s belief and maintain the bookish standard of professionalism. We also provide professional training to the new comers and encourage them to sustain and grasp the IT model, so that later they can be introduced as self-dependent IT actors.

Our team has mastered Software Engineering and brand making, such that Client requirements are fulfilled and delivered using optimization technology and effective time management skills.

We’ll perform sequential KT(Knowledge transfer) for our new comers and motivate them to build their own reputation.



We are your global partner, always by your side operating with growing clientele across the globe.