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The popularity of Android devices is increasing considerably among the smart phone and tablet users, resulting in colossal demand for user centric Android apps which can deliver outstanding value to the users. At Arccus.Inc, we have a proficient and seasoned Android app development team capable of catering 100% customised, scalable and robust Android solutions.

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Android has undergone unprecedented growth, and this mobile operating system has become one of the most widely used across the globe. The demand for Android-based applications is increasing day by day and various companies are looking out for skilled android app developers for hire on the hourly basis. Arccus.Inc helps its clients address the evolving technology and business challenges by designing and developing efficient Android applications precisely tailored to meet the specific business requisites. We deliver the best in industry-oriented mobility solutions with our hire android app developer services.

With Arccus.Inc, you can hastily hire Android developer to get the most interactive and engaging apps developed. Our developers excel in developing feature rich, and quality focused Android applications that enable enhancement, are highly secure and offer unmatched user experience. Clients work closely with the Android app developer that they hire throughout the entire development process. Our developers possess a detailed understanding of the target audience, requirements and other critical factors, for developing the entrancing applications meeting the requisites ideally.

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Key Benefits
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  • Highly Qualified Android Developers

    At Arccus.Inc, we possess a concourse of qualified and experienced developers who always strive to cater our clients with qualitatively superior Android app development and maintenance services.

  • Flexible Engagement Models

    If you want to hire Android app developer for a dedicated project, Arccus.Inc enables you to choose from a broad array of engagement models designed to meet the varying needs of our clients in the most efficient manner.

  • Proven Development Methodologies

    By leveraging the proven development methodologies, we shape the innovative and pioneering Android apps to ensure that your business idea augments online and delivers higher ROIs.

  • Competitive Pricing

    Our services are competitively priced and we never quote overstated rates. We ensure that you get true value for your money and receive the highest ROI through the Android apps developed by our team of proficient developers.

  • Arccus.Inc Android App Development Company

    Arccus.Inc is one of the leading firms which hav carved a distinct niche for themselves and are evolving as a true industry leader in the field of pioneering Android app development. You can easily hire android phone app developers from Arccus.Inc and they will assist you in elevating your online business model whilst addressing all the market challenges. Our developers are experts in developing bespoke Android app solutions, prioritizing your requisites and delivering scalable applications which have been customised to ideally satisfy your business requirements from the molecular level.
    Considering a lucid view of the market trends along with your company’s objectives, we craft the services which persuasively attune these with each other while delivering a value much greater than the set expectations. By deploying the most advanced technologies and frameworks, we help you deliver the most engaging and engrossing solutions.

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  • Over 7 years of experience in programming, designing, developing and strategizing.
  • Pool of talented development experts with vast experience and unparalleled proficiency.
  • Flexible engagement models and simple hiring process.
  • Programmers and developers available to serve clients from diverse time zones.
  • Time abound delivery, competitive pricing and highly streamlined communication system.
  • Round the clock support and advanced technical troubleshooting.
  • Robust Testing and Quality Assurance measures for delivering superior performance.
  • End to End support from planning and development to distribution.


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On the basis of the scope of the project, we analyse and evaluate the requirement of resources and compare it with the resource’s cost, to determine an approximate figure. Sing our calculation algorithm, we evaluate the cost and the time required for the project.
Yes, anytime. Our clients are an integral part of our organization, and thus, we ensure that they get the right guidance and ideas for the projects that they are visualizing. We help you transform your vision into a digital reality.
We completely understand that the app or website requirement of each client is unique,and they might be simple or complex depending on the vision of the client. We thoroughly study the project requirements, and if we believe that we possess the manpower, resources and expertise to complete it and deliver the desired solution, we always do that. But, if we think that we lack the expertise, we say No to a client. Apart, during the trial period our client can get an idea of our capabilities easily.
You can simply fill up the enquiry form, and one of our executives will contact you and will connect you with the CTO after noting down your requirements. There onwards, you can hire the developer with the help of CTO and get your project started.

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Leveraging Innovative
Development Methodologies

Delivering Business Benefits by Leveraging Innovative
Development Methodologies

Our clients can easily hire the developers at Arccus.Inc at the terms that suit them the best and in the five easy steps

Project Requisites
& Discussion

Our technology experts discuss the project requisites with the clients and thoroughly review all the requirements. Thereafter, a dedicated developer, best suited to the project requisites is appointed

Project Analysis
and Specifications

Our experts analyse the project requirements to deliver the best solutions ideally matching your requisites and specifications.

Model Selection

Based on the project analysis and consultation provided by our experts, you can hire our developers and programmer while choosing the most suitable engagement model.

Terms and
Timelines Plan

Timely completion of any project within the required terms is of utmost significance. We, at Arccus.Inc ensure that the project is completed within the stipulated timelines and terms

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Once all the imperative aspects and terms are discussed, we immediately get started with your project.